Historic humiliation of PML N by Waseem Akhtar!

I have uploaded this video again because apart from politics this was most hilarious clip of Pakistani Politics.

NA 52 (Rawalpindi III)

If PML N has 200  seats then NA-52 will be one of those, if PML N has only one seat then it will be NA-52 and if PML N has no seat it means Ch Nisar has left the party, is the common saying of this area.
Two important political figures in this area are Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and Raja Basharat of PML Q. Historically this seat always remained with Chaudhry Nisar, and he also has good chances next time. But what his opponents are planning is more interesting.
NA-52 is divided in two parts PP-6 which is all urban area and PP-5 which is rural area in surrounding of Rawalpindi. PTI has large vote bank in PP-6, which is urban constituency, mainly consisting of private societies, Airport also lies in this area. Last time they lost this seat in neck to neck fight, but margin of defeat was minute i.e. 49,000 against 51,000 of Chaudhry Nisar. PML N Senator Chaudhry Tanvir also belongs to this area and he is having serious tussle with Chaudhry Nisar for last few years. 
Now turning towards PTI, although it is not clear yet that who will be their candidate for this provincial assembly seat, but if Engineer Iftikhar Chaudhry and Wasiq Abbasi remain united, I have prediction that PTI will clinch victory in PP-6.
Taji Khokhar also belongs to this area, but he is just a street thug and have no chances here.
Now talk about other PP seat PP-5, this seat consists of rural areas and have two strong contenders Ch. Nisar and Raja Basharat. Honestly talking PTI has niether votes nor candidate here, so we are left with PML N and PML Q, and I think PML N will remain victorious here.
So what about NA-52? Who is going to win election here? And answer to that question is that Ch. Nisar Ali Khan will stand victorious from NA-52.
But wait! There is a rumor that PTI's candidate will be brother-in-law of Raja Basharat, who is going to join PTI in few weeks. He was mayor from Pothwar Town back in 2005. Raja Basharat will obviously support his brother-in-law if it comes to that and his votes which he bags due to strong bradari system will fall in favour of PTI. If that is the case then it will be first time in history that there will be a real contest, as apposed to history which always remained to be in the favour PML N.

Imran Khan in 90's commercial

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PML N MNA from RYK to join pti

KPK on the move

KPK on the move
Getting any legal or government document in Pakistan is a herculean task; I had always heard this from my parents and friend. You either have to pay some money (bribe) or have friends in high places to be able to get your documents.
Recently, a relative wanted his GP Fund Final Payment from the District Accounts office. We were both worried but had to visit the concerned office. To our utter amazement there was excellent service offered. The contact numbers of all main people were pasted on the wall. We had the work done efficiently and quickly.
It reminded me of PTI’ manifesto and slogan of change and we saw the bona fide change! Change in the behavior of government officials who were civil and polite is something we are normally not used to but I saw it in the province under the rule of the PTI.
I am a common man with no affiliation with any political party. I have never seen such remarkable steps which have been taken by PTI government. With due apologies, the continuous harping on the part of the media about no change in KPK is wrong. I am a permanent resident of KPK and I can honestly say that there is a marked change in the behavior of the policemen as well as the department itself. A lot of govt officials were suspended as well as transferred due to their corruption, so isn’t that change?
People have direct access to Chief Minister through phone lines, faxes and email address. Isn’t this change? People are given direct access to Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the department concerned. What kind of change did the people expect? Now, it is also our responsibility to help the PTI government plug the loopholes by pinpointing those who demand money to do their job.
D I Khan, August 31.

Higher education in K-P

PESHAWAR: This is with reference to the letter “An open letter to Imran Khan” (August 30) regarding the state of affairs at the Government Post Graduate College, Haripur. The Higher Education Department launched the four-year BSc programme as a major paradigm shift on modern footings. Initially, it was executed in 56 government colleges in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The department strongly intends to extend it to all government colleges in line with the Education Policy, 2009. The programme was pioneered by the department and not by a single principal, as is stated in the letter. There is no question of its rollback. The four-year BSc programme is running successfully in several other colleges of the province, offering market-oriented subjects like International Relations, Bio-Informatics, IT, Food and Nutrition, etc. All over the province, there is co-education in the BSc programme and a substantial number of girl students are enrolled.
Transfer of the principal of Government Post Graduate College, Haripur is a routine matter; moreover, he was transferred after completion of his tenure in the college. The Higher Education Department also believes that execution of the four-year BSc programme needs robust and sturdy management. Despite being an intellectually sound scholar, he unfortunately proved himself to be a weak administrator. The department considered that his services could be better utilised as a senior faculty member in a premier college of the Hazara Division where the BS programme is being offered in 14 disciplines.
The Higher Education Department believes in access of all to education and is striving to impart it according to the needs of the present era on modern lines. The allegations that female faculty members are barred from entering the college building and expulsion of female staff and students from the college hostel are totally devoid of substance.
It is an unfortunate trend amongst some officers of the department to resist being posted out from the postings of their choice. After the advent of a government, which has come with an agenda of good governance, such attitudes cannot be encouraged.
Nasir Khan
Higher Education Department
Published in The Express Tribune, September 3rd, 2013.

Aur Hasina B.B Mar Gai by Rauf Klasra

Rauf Klasra

Door-e-Fitan by Orya Maqbool Jan

Orya Maqbool Jan Column on Syria & Egypt

PTA orders telecos to terminate all call, SMS packages immediately: Report

PTA first issued the directive on November 4, 2012. PHOTO: FILE
ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed all telecom companies operating in the country to discontinue offering text and voice call packages to customers at any and all times of the day, and submit a compliance report on September 2, 2013, ProPakistani has reported.
A letter from the PTA Director General Muhammad Talib Dogar reminded relevant authorities of a PTA Directive from Nov 14, 2012, which instructed all operating companies to quit offering chat packages “contrary to moral values of the society”.
Dogar noted that voice and chat packages were, however, still operational in violation of the policy and should be terminated immediately and a compliance report submitted in this regard.
The letter said:
“Keeping in view the foregoing, all Cellular Mobile Operators are hereby once again directed to immediately stop all kind of chat packages (Voice and SMS) irrespective of time of the day and submit compliance by Sep 2, 2013.”

Stepping up: Education department installs biometric system to ensure attendance

Officials claim it will soon be introduced in schools to ensure presence of teachers and students.
PESHAWAR:  Acting on the directives of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) government, working groups held meetings and proposed recommendations to improve elementary and secondary education in the province.
The recommendations include introducing a global positioning satellite (GPS)-based biometric system (BMS) to ensure 100% attendance. The system, which has already been installed at the education department as part of a pilot project, will soon be introduced in schools.
Officials said working groups consisted of educationists and experts who proposed reshaping the education sector to provide a better environment for students. While other suggestions were also pored over, group members focused on ensuring full attendance.
“It (BMS) will help obtain data pertaining to attendance of teachers and students. This is the first time such an initiative is being undertaken, but the department is awaiting approval from Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, who has been apprised of the recommendations,” said an official requesting anonymity.

The BMS mechanism will be followed by a file tracking system wherein all records of the education department and schools will be computerised. This will ensure availability of every record at all times.
Suggestions to revamp educational boards across the province were also made, but amendments in the board act must be made prior to their implementation, said the official.
Another elementary and secondary education department official said a policy is being formulated to set the criteria for promoting teachers based on their performance, attendance and grades of students. A teacher’s contribution to other education-related activities will also be judged.
“We plan to introduce a merit-based permanent policy for posting and transfer of teachers, because posting and transfers were done on political affiliation in the past. This will not happen in the future,” claimed the official.
Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education Muhammad Atif said donors were prepared to help the department install voice recognition systems to ensure 100% attendance at schools and education departments across the province.
“The process will be completed in different phases and will later be extended to other districts,” he said. The minister claimed a few commercial organisations in addition to donor agencies have offered to provide the facility free of cost.
“We are committed. If we are unable to find donors, we will not let financial constraints put an end to this project. We will execute the project by allocating funds for it in the next Annual Development Programme,” added Atif.

TV License fees increased by 41%

Aaina Tor Day By Hassan Nisar

Aaina Tor Day By Hassan Nisar (Dated: 29 August 2013)

KPK launches mobile mediation court to help back logged court

A policeman escorts men who will be appearing before the first mobile court, which is set up inside a bus, in Hayatabad, Peshawar August 27, 2013. PHOTO: REUTERS
PESHAWAR: Pakistani officials have begun offering mediation in a mobile courtroom to test whether it can help clear clogged courts.
The courtroom-on-a-bus will mediate small civil cases, minor criminal cases and juvenile cases, Hayat Ali Shah, the head of the provincial judicial academy, said Wednesday.
Cases can drag on for decades in Pakistan - there are 1.4 million pending nationally.
Some families of victims, frustrated with the moribund courts, turn to all-male gatherings of elders called jirgas instead. These offer instant decisions, but have sentenced people to be buried alive, gang-raped or stoned to death.
Judicial problems have also helped win the Taliban support when the militants offered Islamic courts dispensing swift justice.
Officials hope that new mediation can offer an alternative to the Taliban courts and traditional jirgas.
“Through this system we are trying to institutionalize mediation so that there is less of a chance that a citizen’s rights will be violated,” Shah said.
The mobile court heard 29 cases in its wood paneled courtroom on its first day in Peshawar on Tuesday. It freed juveniles from jail, heard property disputes and imposed small fines.
“I got justice within 10 minutes in the mobile court. My case was running for the past six months in the court of the civil judge,” property dealer Adnan Khan said.
The government hopes to launch 11 more buses this year with funding from the UN.
But lawyer Salman Raja said mediation could only work in small cases. For serious crimes, Pakistan needed more judges and better training for police, lawyers and judges, he said.

جنوبی کوریا کے لوگ الطاف بھائی کی تقریر سن کر رو پڑے...

Swat to host first golf event in 20 years

Among the 200 participants, 54 professionals, 27 senior professionals, 45 amateurs and seven senior amateur including other players will vie for the prestigious title. PHOTO: FILE
KABAL:  For the first time in 20 years, Swat will be holding a national golf tournament featuring 200 players from across the country, starting today in Kabal.
Among the 200 participants, 54 professionals, 27 senior professionals, 45 amateurs and seven senior amateur including other players will vie for the prestigious title.
The venue for the event is the Cedar Golf Club, which, according to the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Golf Association Secretary, Colonel (retd) Shahadat, was constructed by the then crown prince Miangul Aurangzeb in 1964.
“Tournaments and matches used to be played here regularly and players from across the country participated,” he said. “However, since 1992, no match or tournament has been organised here.”
The Cedar Golf Club has the largest golf course in the province with a spread over 122 acres.
According to the club’s officials, the course deteriorated during the three years of militancy in Swat, however, rehabilitation work done by Pakistan Army and the district’s administration brought it back to its best shape.
“The course is now ready for all kinds of golf events. It has a pleasant environment,” he added.
He said he hoped to organize a golf tournament in Swat every year.
‘Event will boost tourism in Swat’
Syed Imtiaz Hussain, Deputy Commissioner Swat said that the tournament will help boost the tourism industry in Swat.
“It will send a positive message to the international community about peace in the valley. There is no threat to tourists,” he said, adding that people from across the world can come and enjoy the serenity and natural beauty.
Asad Ali Buneri, an international golfer agreed with Imtiaz.
“Organising the golf tournament proves that peace in Swat has returned and life is on the track of normalcy,” said Buneri, adding that the golf course in Kabal is the best one.
The tournament will run till August 31.
Published in The Express Tribune, August 29th, 2013.

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